Wool. Natures Original Performance Fiber. ®

Exclusive to Evaya, EverEden® wool is sourced from the best farms in the world.

Specializing in organic wool, EverEden has fostered enduring relationships with wool farms in New Zealand, enabling Evaya to deliver the finest New Zealand wool to our customers in the US.

EverEden was one of the first companies to begin developing organic wool products for North America. We set the highest organic standards for our wool so you can feel great knowing that we are focused on the best possible fiber while taking great care of our sheep.

In 2008 EverEden became certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), by the Oregon Tilth. GOTS is the world leading textile processing standard for organic fibers.

It's The Little Things

We think that those extra steps and make a big difference which is why we scour our wool three different times. How do you scour wool and why would you do that? To scour wool you place it in a bowl with warm water and mix it up so that you can remove all of the grease or lanolin, as well as any dirt or debris collected in the farming process.  Be careful when buying organic sleep products because if the wool isn't scoured well, it could smell which would make for a very uncomfortable night of sleep. With Evaya sleep products, you get all of the benefits of wool and none of the odor.

Why Sleep on Wool?

EverEden™ Wool - The
natural loft of wool and its incredibly soft hand creates a comfortable surface to sleep on.

Consumer Product Safety Commission requires mattresses to pass burn test. Wool allows you to do that without adding harmful chemicals.

Synthetic materials can
cause allergic reactions. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Wool is a high performance material often used in apparel because it can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also wicks away moisture, and prevents bacterial growth for a healthy sleep environment.

Rest Naturally on EverEden® Premium Wool

Evaya® Original Mattress

Starting at $1,499.00

Perfect balance of comfort, support, & sustainability.

Firmness: Medium (5/6 scale)


Evaya® Original + PillowTopper

Starting at $1,998.00

Enhanced comfort with Pillowtopper™ on Evaya® Original.

Firmness: Plush (3/4 scale)


Evaya® Bliss Mattress

Starting at $1,799.00

Premium luxury, sustainability, and superior comfort.

Firmness: Medium (7/8 scale)